Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spring 2012 class schedule

So this is my class schedule for 2012, but it requires a bit of explanation. First thing you should notice is that this schedule contains 21 credit hours, which is a death sentence. I'm not taking 21 credit hours. The next thing you should notice is that I'm waitlisted for a class, HPER-C 366,Community health. So I'm actually in 18 credit hours, and waitlisted for 3. I'm going to drop down to 15 for spring semester though. I'm not sure which classes will be the final cut though.

HPER-H 150 is children's health up to age 5.
HPER-F 317 class is a topical seminar over divorce and it's effect on children(I think.)
HPER-H 235 is obesity and health.
HPER-H 305 is womens health.
HPER-H 306 is mens health.
HPER-H 317 is a topical seminar over gender, communication, sexuality and health.

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