Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Rascism and Homophobia

I was reading this article today and feel free and read it for yourself- but I'll summarize it real fast for those of you who don't want to. This local church does a production every year of what they call "a glimpse into hell." It featured scenes about homosexuality, abortion, racism, and alcohol. I think it's really interesting that they did scenes about homosexuality and racism in the same production.

“We told him he was born gay,” the demon said. “Who in their right mind would actually believe that? Now he’s gone forever, into eternal fire, with all the other perverted, twisted, sin-infested souls. We’ve got your alternative lifestyle — in hell.”

“These simpletons actually believe that they are the supreme race,” the demon said. “All these fools have done is bought into one of my biggest lies: racial hatred and

Racism is as bad as homophobia. If you take a stand against one, you should take a stand against the other. Racism is denying a subset of society privileges or rights based on race and what homophobes do is deny a subset of society privileges based who they sleep with. Is there a difference?

There are people that say there is a difference is that homosexuality is a choice and because it's a choice they don't deserve the same rights- but they are wrong. Believing and practicing whatever religion you choose to practice is also a choice and yet you can't be fired from your job based on who or what you pray to. In the majority of states GLBT people can be fired just because of who they find attractive. So even if homosexuality is a choice- it doesn't matter. It should be protected and it's a damn shame it isn't.

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