Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's a love hate sort of game.

I find myself wishing I could blog things I can't or shouldn't. Other bloggers know what I mean, things that aren't ok for public consumption, or aren't the publics' business, or involved parties wouldn't like it if I published posts about it, or maybe it's something I just can't bring myself to tell the whole wide world about. It's usually a combination of the three though. Either way- these are things that I really wish I could blog about.

I think about these things and wonder how my little blog would be different if I didn't care and posted it anyway. I wonder if it'd make me a better blogger- or perhaps if it wouldn't help at all.

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Am I A Lesbian? said...

I know exactly what you mean.

I'm going to start saying a litle more this year,and not hold back.

If I have something to say.I might as well say it.Because my blog will always be there..:)

I know what you mean though.There are some things I want to say,but the way this world is brainwashed makes us second guess ourself if we should.

Just say it..:)