Thursday, September 08, 2011

How to Survive College 101(serious version)

The school year has officially started once again(Go IU!) and as such I have been inspired to make such a post.

1. Actually go to class. I know you came to college expecting freedom, and most of your professors probably don't have an attendance policy but go to class. Don't skip class because you're tired, or because it's raining or snowing or cloudy. The day you skip will be the day the professor offers extra credit.
1. A) While you should go to class, it is also important to figure out the classes it's actually worth taking notes in, because you will have that professor who reads the textbook verbatim and as such taking notes won't actually help you pass said class.
1. B) Never get behind. It's an uphill battle to get caught back up.

2. Join a club. I know it sounds lame, but it's a really good way to meet people.

3. Dress appropriately for class and meetings with your advisor. This isn't so important for freshman and sophomores as it is for juniors and seniors. I'm not suggesting you wear suits and skirts to class, however your professors and advisors will make excellant references both before and graduation. Don't let their only image of you be in micro-minis and stretch tops or conversely in pants that sag to your knees.

4. At every single college you pay a fee called the "campus activity fee." That fee pays for entertainment on campus and for the campus gym. If you're paying for them you might as well use it.

5. Don't buy your books either a) new or b) from the bookstore on campus. Save your money and buy online or at another bookstore. Don't sell your books back to your on campus bookstore either- you'll get better money elsewhere. (Pro tip: Save all your notes/class powerpoints from a given class and sell them with your textbook to a person who has the same professor and section for a higher buyback value provided you did well in the class.)

6. Avoid 8AMs like the plague. nuff said.

7. If you're still dating your boyfriend/girlfriend from back home, do yourself a favor and break up with them now rather than waiting until thanksgiving, or maybe even new years.

8. Whatever lanyard/backpack/ keychain you received at orientation...don't carry it on campus. Save it, it's a great momento, but don't carry it around campus. You might as well walk around campus with a flashing neon sign that says " freshman" over your head.

9. Roommates suck for most people. If your RA doesn't make you sign a roommate contract, then do it anyway with your roommate.

10. Never walk alone if it can be helped. This is especially true for vagina owners.

I'm going to end with the best and worst bits of advice I got when I went to college.

The worst: "You only need ten pairs of panties."- My mother.
The Best:"Remember, no matter where you go to school murder is still illegal."-Brandon

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