Saturday, January 29, 2011

I have the best mom in the world-in case you didn't know.

I just finished watching a TV segment about a woman who had two college age sons and she helped her college age sons by waking them up for class daily, checking their grades, following their class syllabuses( probably closer than they did), emailing their professors, grocery shopping for them, doing their laundry, cleaning their dorm room and calling hourly.

So. I have the best mother in the world. But she doesn't do all that. She makes sure I can pay my bills, calls me if she hasn't heard from me in a while- you know to make sure I'm not dead. She doesn't shit a brick when I bring home 8 weeks worth of dirty laundry for a 4 day weekend. She's happy for me when I call her and tell her I am beating Alicia in Scrabble and when I tell her that I get 45 miles to the gallon in my car.

And that is really all I can ask for. I don't want much more than that.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 superbowl and Child rape.

So I read this article and have some thoughts about it. There is also a movement I read about online to cut down on prostitution during superbowl weekend.

Some of you may remember the hoax about domestic violence and Superbowl Sunday that came about a few years ago. If you don't you can read about it on Snopes. And the article title " Why won't the 2011 Superbowl committee protect children from rape?" rings to me like fear mongering. Like the author wants to scare parents into keeping a closer watch on their children at the 2011 superbowl, and it's a little misleading to me when I first read it.

I think that the reality of events like the Superbowl is that "human trafficking" AKA prostitution will thrive on weekends of these events- and there isn't anything anyone can do about it. I do not want to hear about kids being trafficked into texas for the Superbowl- but controlling the possible influx of prostitutes isn't the 2011 Superbowl Committees problem. It's the polices' problem. The Superbowl committee can do a lot of things- but they, singlehandedly, can't stop prostitutes from turning tricks- regardless of their ages.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Abstinence Only Sex Education Sucks.

Abstinence only sex ed Videos

Lesson one
Lesson two
lesson three

I'm going to comment on things I don't like from each video starting with the first lesson.

" First she passed around a rose and had each of us take off a pedal then she said that the rose was was someone who had sex before marriage- they lose their beauty and value."

"Then she said that having sex is like reaching into a bag of candy where some of it has been chewed and spit back into the bag- who would ever want used candy. "
Then she told us to imagine a really gross toothbrush that a lot of people have used. If you have had sex you're the toothbrush."

"The next thing was, the speaker gave me a sign that said virgin then she had everyone spit into a cup, then she passed me the cup and asked me to drink from the cup. The speaker then said that drinking the spit from the cup was like loosing your virginity."

Every single one of these instances piss me off, and they've all been used in classrooms to teach children about sex. These examples all put sex on this pedestal it doesn't deserve. What someone does or doesn't do in bed does not determine their beauty or value. Someone who has had sex isn't like used candy and losing your virginity isn't quite like drinking spit from a cup. All of these examples perpetuate a shallow understanding of sex and only make it harder for common sense to be heard above this tribe.

The second video is a tale about a dragon slaying prince and a maiden who helps the prince slay the dragon. The prince then goes off a maiden who didn't have any ideas. The video culminates with the idea that too many suggestions will drive a guy away and girls should act like the second maiden and have no ideas.

This speaks to something far bigger than sex. It tells girls that you shouldn't express your ideas, and to not express yourself it says that you aren't good enough to be part of the world outside yourself-which is far worse advice than I got in school, which was just say no.

The third video talks about how most if not all abstinence only sex education ignores homosexual relationships. These programs ignore the validity of those feelings, by ignoring those feelings you lose that audience. They tune out when you talk about STDs' because they don't think their relationships matter.

"They said that living with someone without being married means that your relationship is really really messed up and not really a lifetime commitment. They say that living together before marriage is unhealthy and that everyone should get married."

Maybe this just pisses me off because it's a lot of what I feel like I've faced since moving in with The Boy. Or maybe it pisses me off because it's not true. Take your pick. My relationship isn't really messed up and it isn't unhealthy. There are far worse things than cohabitation- like AIDS- which these three episodes do nothing to fight.