Monday, December 06, 2010

Pedophiles and facebook.

If you're on facebook, you've seen things like " Do not add John Doe on Facebook. He is a pedophile. Tell your children." or most recently "TOALL THE PEOPLE WHO CHANGED THEIR PICTURES TO CARTOONS FOR NSPCC: IT WASNT FOR NSPCC, IT WAS FOR A GROUP OF PEDOPHILES WHO SET IT UP SO THAT CHILDREN WOULD ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS FASTER AS IT WAS A CARTOON PICTURE. THIS WAS ON AN INTERNET FRAUD PROGRAM AND THE NEWS TONIGHT." Why it's all in caps I'm not real sure. I've seen causes on facebook that say things like. "Remove all Pedophiles from facebook."

I disagree with all of these things. Telling your kids to not add a John Doe on facebook because he's a pedophile only damages John Doe's reputation. There is no proof provided here that John Smith is actually a pedophile. About the cartoon thing, I haven't seen any proof that a group of organized pedophiles orchestrated that- I mean it isn't outside the realm of possibility. The causes to remove all pedophiles from Facebook- that is unconstitutional. Pedophiles have just as much right to join Facebook as everyone else.

There is however one solution for pedophiles adding children on facebook. Teach your children to be discriminate about who they add on Facebook and be even more discriminate how much information is on their Facebook pages.