Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On Religion

I was never a very good Christian. I don't really enjoy church or the company of many other Christians. In fact, I think many Christians are far too prudish to be enjoyable to be around. I can't con myself into thinking that "sin" is black and white. I can't imagine that matters of premarital sex between consensual adults are so important to God when their are children in Africa starving. I cannot justify not giving children and teens accurate information about sex, and birth control and STDs' for fear of causing kids to go out and have sex. I can't pretend to think that the way many Christians treat GLBT people is right and justifiable because The Bible says it is. So I guess this post represents coming out as someone who doesn't know whats right and wrong in the world.

Maybe the truth and the light is as simple as being a good person and the flying spaghetti monster in the sky will bless people accordingly- or maybe it will pull out a magnifying glass and set us on fire.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sexism is alive and well.

Last night I was at work I was working the ID desk and a former supervisor came in to get rubber gloves and to talk to my supervisor about something. My supervisor starts talking about my former supervisor about what I can only assume to be a running joke between them about Former Supervisors Mother. Former supervisor then asked me in total seriousness, "Do you like girls? Do you swing both ways?"

Now, not only is that totally inappropriate and not important to my job. It's offensive-because girls liking girls is offensive, because he wouldn't ask that to a boy at all. He simply wouldn't.

Girls liking girls is a fantasy, sexy, every mans dream. Boys liking boys is none of that. It's gross and for behind closed doors, that is if you ask lots of people. And it all comes back to girls being little more than sex toys for men to play with, arm candy. And until we close that loop, then we'll never be truly equal.