Thursday, July 29, 2010

6 things in honor of 600 posts.

1. The single greatest moments of my life have happened in Mississippi among wreckage and disaster and chaos. I have seen grace, and healing, and love beyond measure (and I'm crying as I relive them in my head.) I hope to God that I get the chance to go back.

2. Regardless of what people think or have thought about my faith, or lack there of, I'm actually really jaded, and really have been since I was 16. I think that it probably doesn't have all the answers. But it might still be a good starting point. I have no plans to be involved with Vincennes University Campus Ministries next school year, and no real plans to find a church to attend.

3. Even though, in high school I didn't have much(read, any) school spirit and didn't give a damn then. I do now. I get pissed when people opt to bad mouth some aspects of MHS. Because contrary to popular belief you can get an excellent education at MHS and there are excellent teachers there who will bend over backwards. So don't diss MHS to me.

4. The Boys name is Steve, though most of you probably already knew that.

5. I have a love-hate relationship with one of my supervisors. She can be the worlds biggest bitch, but on the other hand she saved me a trip to the supervisors office by clocking me out after work on Tuesday. Bless her.

6. Damn. I can't think of a 6th. I'll get back to it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PostSecret Sundays

"When you drive me home we always pass the quickest route to get back to my house and go the longer way. I never tell you the shortcut because it means more time with you-even if it's just five extra minutes."

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thoughts on children

I facebook stalk kids I graduated with to see how many of them have children or are married or whatnot. It amazes me how many of them have children, multiple children. Several girls I graduated with have two kids now- those girls weren't pregnant in high school. Must be something in the Grant County water supply- creating these fertile teen mothers.

I remember when one of my good friends from high school got pregnant-everyone knew she'd keep it, she wouldn't abort it, or give it up for adoption. It was her baby though and through. And from what I've seen and heard she is an amazing mother making it work. But I was just so surprised because I expected her to finish her education first.

I love kids and I can't wait to have kids of my own. But I think that people who pop out children so young are cheating themselves and their children. I think children are the adventure of a lifetime- and totally worth it, but if you have them young, they are your only adventure. There is a great long list of adventures I want to have before attempting children.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We never would have been great together......

We have such a complicated history and Lord knows I love you. When you first got engaged I was hurt, hurt that we had never tried our hand at dating each other. I thought that we could have been great together.

But now I know better. We would have made terrible lovers. We were never meant to be lovers anyway. We're much better as friends.

So here is to us, for being better friends than lovers. Here is to you, for happy engagement, and an even happier marriage. Here is to me, for I know you're always a phone call away and you'd turn the world upside down to help me out if you could.

We've been blessed beyond measure. And everything has worked out according to His plan- Even it isn't always hard to see.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


It is my car!

She is a sundown orange, 2003, stick shift, TDi, Volkswagen New Beetle.

She is nameless right now. I like Ruffles for her. Or maybe Orange Blossom. I don't know. I'm open to suggestions.

Random factoid: The Boy and I can fit in the trunk- not together. But separately.