Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I love farmers markets

1 zucchini, 1 cucumber, and six ears of corn! all for.....the grand total of....4.30 cents!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Christmas Knitting is Among us!

Christmas knitting has officially started. Imma blog my way through the projects too! Some stuff I'm going to start this week are big stuff, sweaters for instance.

Secret Gift 1&2.
Secret Gift 3.

Secret Gift 3 scares me quite a lot. It's like 41,312,445,213,123,142,352 miles of 3 by 5 rib. Secret Gift 1&2 looks easy and fun.

Wish me luck to finish by christmas!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

we apologize for the delay.....

"We apologize for the delay, but all representives are busy helping other customers. Here at customer service we are commited to giving you our undivided attention. Occoasionally that commitment creates slightly longer waiting period for attention."

I'm on the phone right now with HigherOne- the bank account attached to my school ID- whoever thought of doing that is a freaking idiot- but that isn't the point.

I'm sure you are very sorry that all representives are busy. And I bet you're damn busy giving your customers your undivided attention- that is exactly why I heard this message enough times to get it typed out word for word. It occasionally creates a slightly long waiting period.....I'm not sure which descriptive word bothers me more- occasionally, or slightly.

Apartment pictures! squeee!

So I have some apartment pictures to post. There will be more. Todays' room is the bedroom- where the magic happens.

The closet in the apartment is freaking huge. There is these two standard size closet rods then a third that is 5 or 6 feet long. I possess about 80% of the closet I think.

We do have matching dressers. The Boys mom brought it for me after i I moved in.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Look How far We've come....

U By Kotex posted this article about how far we've come in terms of womens' reproductive health.

It pisses me off. Maybe it only pisses me off because I do reusable. Maybe it pisses me off because its a sales website.

"Before modern tampons and pads existed, they made their own out of whatever absorbent material was available to them, including cloth, sponge and grass."

Natural fibers are still the most absorbent that you can find. Remember you're first experience with pads/tampons when you learned your jeans were way better at absorbing your period that whatever you were using.

"At that time, people didn't talk about menstruation in public at all, especially to strangers. When you went to a drugstore to grab some pads, you put money into a special box on the counter without saying a word to the clerk and grabbed the box on the way out"

Ok we don't put out money in a special box anymore- but I some men and women who might wish we did. And I don't know a whole lotta people who talk about menstruation in public after say junior high. I think, that once my friends and I hit high school we got over our periods a little bit- that is we stopped talking about them every single sleepover like we had just gotten our first period again. They were only really brought up if someone needed a tampon.

"We're lucky. We have information at our fingertips - you're reading this on the Internet, aren't you? But we still have a way to go. So take the torch passed on from generations of women who helped get us here today. Talk openly about periods, vaginal health and your body. Keep asking questions and keep the torch alive."

Yes, talk openly about the fact that your vagina bleeds. But you'll probably find that you hit a wall- at least to a point. A lot of people just aren't interested. I agree that we are lucky to have all this information at our fingertips-but I think when poeple finally learn that you can pregnant on your period, or oral sex won't get you pregnant. I know some of my readers might have a duh..., moment when they read those two statements- but it is crazy how many women(and men!) don't know. Until that gap is bridged then we aren't there yet. Wherever "there" is.