Friday, May 28, 2010

If the Church were Christian: rediscovering the values of Jesus By Philip Gulley

My mom got me this book If the Church were Christian: rediscovering the values of Jesus By Philip Gulley. So I thought while I was reading it- I'd blog about my reactions to it chapter by chapter.

I'll start with the introduction- and give all my readers an introduction to my history in the church. It's fractured. I have a very cynical view of churches- and really have since high school when I saw a good friend of mine be bullied, for lack of a better term, out. I saw a lot of people treated really poorly in church. I stuck it out in high school- and had some really amazing moments in high school youth group- I really loved it for some of it...and the rest of it I really didn't. I didn't form many lasting connections from my high school youth groups, only one or two. After I graduated high school I knew I wasn't going back to First Church( the church my family attended since forever and the church I spent the most time in.) And I guess as a result- Not many friendships really continued post high school.

I am no bible scholar. I attended Sunday school and youth group for a little under 4 years. Take what I say about the bible here with a grain of salt. Take quotes from the book with a grain of salt. Look them up yourself. Figure out if you agree with it- or disagree with it.

Now I'll start in about the book. The introduction starts off talking about the authors experience in churches. He then goes on to demonstrate how little we actually know about Jesus or the early church. I like the point he makes on page four, "For many of us it's difficult to imagine a world without the church. Even if Jesus didn't intend to start the church, it will likely endure in some form or another." As well as , " Whatever the word Christianity might meant at 0ne time, it now means- to many, many people- being nice." and ," So Christianity was something one inherited by virtue of his or her nationality... The criteria for the christian faith now seems to be this: If I say I am a christian, then I am one."

And couple quotes to close up this post with.

"My faith is informed by my experience as a roman catholic and a quaker, by my 25 years in pastoral ministry, by the many diverse people i have encountered in my life and by my growing conviction that Christianity is less a codified creed or doctorine and more an approach to life that emphasizes grace, is always on the side of human dignity, is always devoted to our spiritual growth and moral evolution, and is always commited to the ongoing search for truth, even if that search leads us away from institutional Christianity." page 8

"While these efforts have at times been a distraction, they have served to confirm my hunch that any religion whose goal is the exclusion of others is bound to fail, if only because it cannot ignite our imaginations and sustain our spirit." pages 8-9

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!

So I have the best mom in the world....true story.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I spent the first 18 years of my life in central Indiana. Spent the past two at school in southern Indiana. Yeah, I'm a Hoosier through and through. I love the change of seasons. The rise of early spring when it is still cold out but you can see the starts of spring buds. I love the hot summers with my Indiana sun. I love the change of summer to fall. The pretty leaves that get piled up on campus. I like playing in them. :) I don't so much like the cold winter weather. But I don't think Christmas could be Christmas without cold air making my nose and ears cold- and snow if we are really lucky. There is something about a white Christmas. I got distracted....uhhh, anyway.

So where is home? I know I'll always be accepted at my moms house, no matter what. But it isn't home. Not anymore. I mean I guess I have family there, and a couple friends. Most of my friends are busy making lives for themselves like I'm doing in our college towns. I guess home is where I'm building my own life.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

update on life.

I'm slowly moving out of my dorm room into the boys apartment. I am mostly moved out of my dorm room. I only have a few things left in my room my mini fridge, my five headed lamp, some other stuff. I'm going to attempt to sell my fridge to some lucky person on campus that way its not sitting in the apartment being plugged in sucking up electricity, or what not.

Finals week is near. I have three finals. The on Friday the boy and are gonna go to Marion for a few days. I'll get a haircut and clean up my room and hang out with Bethany. It'll be fun. I am going to go job hunting and get a job and sign up for some online classes and spend the summer bumming around town