Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kotex Can't Say Vagina

This tampon commercial amuses me greatly. Finally a feminine product commercial that recognizes that periods suck.

But there is a back story to this commercial. The original cut of this commercial said the word "vagina." Certain big name TV networks didn't like that. So Kotex subbed in "down under" instead. Big TV networks didn't like that either.

What is up with the sterilization of feminine products? I realize that there are 2 sides to the debate. Late night tv refers to male genetalia as everything but a penis. But the difference there is, it isn't usually advertising products, its often tv shows talking about sex or genitalia in conversation- not advertising serious products. I think that if they( advertisers) stop dancing around proper medical terminology then people would lose their fear of the word.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New blog banner!

I have a new blog banner! New!

I think its fun. Backround color will be tweaked whenever I decide what my color scheme will be. Any color scheme Ideas?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Post Secret Sundays

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"Sex got sexier after 38."

New Bikey!

I bought a new bikey last Friday.

The purple bike in the second and third pictures is my old bike. She was a good bike. I had her for a long time.

The red bike in the First and Third pictures is my new bike. Her name is Maverick. And she is a very sexy bike. She came with a computer system thingy that tracks distance and speed and all that jazz.

I've put 40+ miles on her since I bought her. I bought her in Evansville and fitting her into The Boys little 2007 Kia Spectra was fun. Oh so fun.

For the record- my old bike is for sale- 40 bucks or best offer.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rebuilding after Katrina keeps moving.

I got back from Mississippi late Friday night( And yes I have lots of photos!). So rewind to Monday. Monday we got our job orders and 4 other guys and myself went to go cut down a tree. We cut down this tree, and learned that his house hadn't been mucked out at all since Katrina hit- 5 years before.

So we get most of his tree down and cut into logs for firewood, or out to the street for pick-up. We met the homeowner- John. He told us about how he hunkered down in his house during katrina, and really lost it all in the subsequent tornado. He told us about how scammers came to his house did a shabby roof job. A group came through his house with 45 people claiming to be from a baptist church to work- but actually just had a huge party with 7 or 8 cases of beer. And so his house sat.

We came back on Tuesday with twice the people, masks, sledgehammers, icepicks and goggles and knocked on the door. John was absolutely floored when we told that instead of working on that tree some more we going to muck out his house. We start working on the ceiling and picking up the insulation that was already on the ground. Tuesday we started tearing down walls and continuing the clean up process. Wednesday we kept tearing down walls, and nails and insulation. By Thursday a handful of us were sick from being inside with the mold and groadyness. We built him a makeshift garage door on Thursday that way none of his stuff could get stolen.

During the week the homeowner said a few interesting things. At one point he said something to the effect of, " before this week and ya'll coming to help me, I felt like a ghost- and now I feel human again." and as we were leaving he told us that he felt like he was losing family.

It was an amazing week. Hurricane Katrinas' story isn't just the story of a hurricane. It's the story of 5 years worth of hope, perseverance and rebuilding.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

New Orleans

Today I went to New Orleans for the "fun day" of the trip. We went to the french quarter and wondered about the french quarter smelling the delicious foods. I didn't buy anything- but things I saw I'll never forget. We got off the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge and there was rotting house after house. I was just amazed.

This is my third trip down here. I know that rebuilding and recovery moves slow. And it just amazes me that it moves so slow that 5 years later-houses still need mucked out and demoed. It just amazes me.

I am speechless.

I had a super killer time in N'awlins though.


This was actually written on the way down to Mississippi.

I'm on the road to Mississippi. I'm super excited. I can't wait to see how the gulf coast has changed.

I vividly remember my first trip down to Mississippi. It was a wreckage of homes and lives in 2007. They were the most kind, generous, people I had ever met. Their perseverance, hope, and passionate people was so powerful. Two years after Katrina, they were still going strong, and rebuilding and when they talked about their future. Their entire lives were wrapped up in rebuilding their homes and communities. The destruction in 2007 was desecrated houses and ruble.

Fast forward to spring 2009. It is still destroyed around the gulf coast. It was a little tidier- and in some areas it was harder to see how much damage was actually done. I didn't really notice it until a homeowner is talking to us and pointing out where his neighbors used to live- and you see how many green spaces there are, empty lots where houses used to stand. Houses that had kids, and parents, and grandparents- that were gone. But those who are rebuilding are still looking to the future and still strong, and still passionate about rebuilding their lives

I am convinced that the people of the Gulf Coast are some of the strongest people ever. It has been four years since Katrina hit- and they are still looking forward, with a fire in their bellies. They still believe they can rebuild. I can't imagine rebuilding for 4 years- even though I've helped them do it.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Spring Break!

Spring Break is near!

I am going back to Mississippi for the third time. I am excited. It will be fun. I am not particularly excited about some parts of the trip, but I'll see how it all sorts itself out before I post anything.

I shall post more next week. Watch my facebook statuses

and my twitter account- box_of_giggles