Sunday, October 25, 2009

"you're Alex right?"

So for those of you that don't know, my real name is Alexandria. I've been working at the PE complex on campus for about two months(ish) now. I have like 7 or 8 supervisors- and none of them know me as Allie. It's either Alex, or Alexandria. And for the first time, it doesn't drive me nuts. It'd take way too much work to get it straight with all of my supervisors.

Anywho- about my job. I clean gym equipment, sit ID desks, check out equipment, make boys put on shirts while working out, watch the basketball courts, watch boys work out, clean stuff. yeah.

I have a couple rants about stupid people at work. but I don't feel like typing them out right now....So you get to wait.

PostSecret Sundays

"Up close, everyone looks less perfect. In that though. They look human."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday Secrets

" I can't decide of I'm relieved or disappointed that none of my secrets are in here."

Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't worry. I'm not as good as you think I am.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

PostSecret Sundays

You shouldn't give up.
Fight for yourself and
who you are. You've got
to go through the worst
times in life to get the best

This secret was left in a PostSecret book someplace.

Friday, October 09, 2009

PostSecret Book

I have the new PostSecret book. (It's amazing, all of you should get it.)

Secret: Whenever I read the Sunday Secrets- I get a little terrified that the secrets I've sent in will be posted. (I've sent in 2 or 3.)

So I preordered this book back in April. I get it and start ripping open the packaging, the familular feeling of fear takes over, knowing that this time- my secrets could be out. They aren't. They are still safely in the Franks' vault of secrets. No one knows them but the postal people, Frank, and I. There is a sense of relief in knowing that that they're still secrets- but also that they aren't mine anymore- they belong to to more people than just me. I know I'd feel a similar sense of relief if they had been published- but for now I don't know exactly what that'd feel like.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Sex Blog

Sex. It's pervasive. It is absorbed at every level of our society- for better or for worse.

Sex is big- no matter how you see it. It's got all these consequences, both physical and emotional. Pregnancy, STDs', other infections are only half of it. It generally comes with the emotional side as well, attachment to the other person involved, attachment to the label or status of "virgin."

Sex education is huge. I remember what sex ed was like when I was in middle/high school. In middle school it was like, "Sex is bad, don't have it." In high school sex ed was part of health class, and while it wasn't sex-positive(which I think is ideal), it was comprehensive. But health class wasn't mandatory in the 9th, 10th, or 11th grades. I took it as a senior. It just had to be taken before you graduate. Kids learning about contraception, and birth control, and STDs' for the first time in their senior year is far too late in my opinion. The older a teen gets, the more likely they are to have sex(see stats)- and if they don't receive correct, honest information about sex early, then they might have uneducated sex.

So- my take on PIV(penis in vagina) sex. It's special and it has consequences and it shouldn't be had until one has a handle on their own sexual health. It shouldn't be had until one understands what they are getting to, and the consequences. What their individual odds of pregnancy and disease are. It shouldn't be had unless both parties know what their STD status is(like know for sure, as in a recent trip to the local clinic.) I think the couple should have a plan in case things go awry and you get an STD, or pregnant. And going a little further than most people would probably go, it shouldn't happen unless accommodations can be made for a child. Accommodations, for me, don't mean sticking the child at parents/grandparents house, or being dependent on welfare, or dropping out of school.

I don't think teens should engage in sexual activities. Teens as a general rule don't have the above things. They aren't as likely to take birth control correctly, and they aren't as likely to have a plan in case of pregnancy, and they aren't as likely to have a handle on their own sexual health. And they are almost definitely going to be unable to accommodate for a child.

Speaking from a Christian point of view. I think we make too big a deal out of sex. I mean, before marriage(though we could debate the applicable definition of marriage), sex is a sin. But lots of other things are sins too, like lying, swearing, cheating, and stealing too- and they're all treated equally in the eyes of god. So why make a huge deal about sexual sins.-when there are a bunch of other sins that are just as equal- and even just as pervasive as sex.

PostSecret Sundays

"I like to think that some of the postsecrets I've read are about me and that they are from you. And that you are secretly saying you are in love with me."