Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm going to shave Allisons head and eyebrows.


Are we divinely inspired or just a twist of fate?
I don't understand it. I don't see how things happened the way they did. I wouldn't change a thing though.

I sometimes wonder if God designed the twists and curves of our relationship, or if He just worked with them. I just know that he was their all along.

I am realizing that whether He designed the crazy curves (that I'll never understand), or just worked with them-that it doesn't matter. We're still us at the end of the day, we're still solid- And I love that.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, even though I no longer attend Marion High School, I can't help but pick up bits and pieces of information from my friends still in Marion.

For those of you that don't know, Marion High School, a failing school, who has lost its principle, is considering uniforms for all schools instead of just one middle school. And my sources on the inside(love you, Kaity) tell me that since Mcculloch Middle School did uniforms last year school violence went down and attendance went up. That is great. So why not extend it to every school in the district?

In case all of you missed the memorandum as of January 2009, the unemployment rate in Grant County is 12.3% which equals a lot of unemployed families. More than 50% of the kids in the Marion school system are on free or reduced lunch, that means that more than 50% of the families with kids in the school system fall below the national poverty line. So many families in Marion are unemployed and on free and reduced lunch, can we really expect families to go out and buy another wardrobe for their kids to wear to school. Yes, yes I know the dress code would be something similar to kahkis and a dark blue or black shirt. but not everyone has those things. I don't have those things. Will the school provide uniforms for those that can't afford them,provide a stipend for these families to purchase uniform clothing for their kids?

And what about those Tucker kids, you know the ones that do automotive repair and messy stuff like that? No one would even think to argue that someone could learn the trade of automotive repair while wear khakis. It just isn't smart. So would 2 or 3 groups of poeple be excused from the uniform policy because they are learning a trade that trashes their clothes? Would that lead to all of tucker getting out of the uniform policy? Or would it become like a gym class, where they had a Tucker uniform and a MHS uniform?Either way, thats not fair to all those kids who don't attend Tucker. And on another note about Tucker kids, would they have to wear the uniform that the other MCS buildings have to wear? Keeping in mind that tucker has kids from all over Grant County in its' building throughout the day. Is it really fair to make a Madison-Grant kid or an Eastbrook kid wear an uniform at one school but not the other?

Anyone who atttends Marion High School knows that there are a lot of bullshit disciplinary problems. So wouldn't a policy of a uniform just add to the bullshit disciplinary problems?

This is just my two cents on the matter.

PostSecret Sundays

"I miss you constantly, but I especially miss you on Sunday afternoons when I have to read PostSecret by myself, without you.

"I think about plots for erotic novels while sitting in the pews at church.

And the other picture, The National Hopeline- that has been my computer background for at least a semester.

The Well of Grace application.

Well of Grace is an organization that provides free treatment for lots of things, eating disorders, self-injury, drug addiction. My friend Allison is applying and I was looking over the application...and had a few confusion and/or funny moments. So I thought I'd share.

One page one of the application they ask for hair color and eye color.....Uhm....why would they need that?

In the sexual history portion of the application they ask this, "Have you participated in pornography?______________Have you participated in
homosexual behavior?_____________ "

Uhm a) Homosexuality and pornography are not inextricably linked. And b) maybe a little more definition about the word "Participation" would come in handy, as there are lots of ways to participate in both those activities.

Have you ever participated in any of the following (please check all that apply)?
__Astroprojection __Satanic worship __Rituals __Divination
__Seances __Sacrifices __Fortune telling __Spell Casting
__Spirit ism __Horoscopes __Tarot Cards __Chanting
__Levitation __Voodoo __Ouija Boards __Wicca
__Witchcraft __Channeling __Palm Reading __Yoga
__White Magic __Cursing Others __Dungeons and Dragons
__Programming (color, number, location, etc.)

The above section on page 5 is a great source of amusement for me. Where exactly does horoscopes, yoga, and D&D come into as negative things? And why isn't World of Warcraft on the list? And again, "participated" could use some explaining here.

Ok, so I'll end this on a totally serious note. Well of Grace is a really great resource for a lot of poeple recovering from addictions and other stuff.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thats a great deal of creepy.

I must say this is a great deal of creepy. The this, is a live camera feed of in front of Clark hall here on campus.

I must admit that that I have no idea why they did this. I mean if they wanted to show how active and fun the campus, they fail.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Summer Schedule to date:

K, so just cause I'm not employed this summer, doesn't mean that I'm not busier than ever before!

May 5th- I come home from college.
May 10th- Teaching kids church with Angel.
May 22nd-25th- In Iowa
June 28th and 29th- VBS Mount Olive UMC
June 30th-3rd- Camp lakewood ( 3th and 4th graders)
August 24th- Fall semester begins.

These are the things I am doing for sure. There are other things that are high probabilities.

I'm also doing some babysitting this summer. So if you live in the Marion area and need a sitter...gimme a shout.

The best part of my day.

Allie Pence I put Lix in a pot and stewwed him. He's for lunch.

Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 10:30am April 24
no you didn't. he's right here.
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 10:31am April 24
No I did. I replaced Lix with a fake Lix.
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 10:33am April 24
no you didn't. there is only one Lix.
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 10:33am April 24
The real Lix said my vag. is better anyway.
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 10:37am April 24
it is not!!!! yours ITCHES!!! Lix would ever say that. ever. EVER.
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 10:38am April 24
Mine does not itch. My vag is totally better than yours, my chesticles are better too.
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 10:41am April 24
nuh uh. it itches when it's not hairy and therefore mine is better. you even said so last night.
and your chesticles are only better when they're in hot pink sexy bra. mine are better the rest of the time.
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 10:42am April 24
Mine are better all the time. The sexy bra just makes them that much more better that than they already are.
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 10:45am April 24
you're totally wrong.
you're a big lesbo. sleeping with a girl.
and a big meany butt for trying to steal Lix.
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 10:46am April 24
I'm actually sleeping with a girl panda!
I didn't try to steal him, I just stole Lix.
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 10:48am April 24
BESTIALITY!!! that's a sin. and you will be condemned by the church for your actions.
oh yeah? what kind teddy is her? what are his clothes?
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 10:51am April 24
Lix has a tie.

I sure there are plenty of other reasons the church will condemn me. I'm not worried.
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 10:52am April 24
NO he has a bow. not a tie. sheesh. YOU TOOK SYDNEY.
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 10:53am April 24
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 10:55am April 24
Whos Sydney? is she cute? Will she mate with Liz and give me little Lizzies'?
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 10:55am April 24
wrong teddy.
i'm ok with you stewing Sydney. He's a bad snuggle bear anyway.
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 10:59am April 24
Ohhh It'll mate with Liz?
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 10:59am April 24
sydney is a boy. he has a little mouth, but is a creamy colour. so they would make good little lizzies
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 11:00am April 24
WEEEEEEEEEE!. We can sell the extras and split the profits?
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 11:02am April 24
ok. that works. but he's like 20. which is more like 400 in teddy years. so he doesn't have the greatest stamina. OH and his left arm is falling off, and his head a little bit. so just tell her she has to be on top and to be careful. no hair pulling or weird bending.
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 11:05am April 24
So will they have deformed babies? I don't want my liz to have deformed babies.
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 11:09am April 24
they will ONLY be deformed when they get old.
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 12:26pm April 24
i don't want difformed panda babies.
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 3:49pm April 24
they won't be.they won't be panda babies. they will be mixed babies and they will be beautiful.
Allie Pence
Allie Pence at 3:51pm April 24
ok. As long as they're beautiful.
Allison Brown
Allison Brown at 3:52pm April 24