Sunday, November 30, 2008

PostSecret Sundays

" I can never fulfill my dreams of becoming a politician because of the skeletons in my closet"


Ok so thanksgiving was last week. And I hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving. I have really amazing friends, whom I love, lots. And to celebrate thanksgiving I’m going to talk about my amazing friends.

Dani- Where would all my clothes be if it wasn’t for you? I mean seriously. I less than three you.

Brandon- My word, where do I even start with you. First off, who else is there to tell me that my stupid ideas in regards to my bike are actually stupid? Secondly, You keep my sane, you call me out and tell me what I need to hear, you support me. We’re solid.

Bethany- Ahh my partner in crime (and by crime, I mean Recovery Buddies), what would I do without you? I wouldn’t do lots of things….like TP houses, or other fun stuff, that may or may not be legal in nature. I’ll miss you super hardcore when you leave….who else will update the list? Maybe I can con lindz into it.?

Willis- Dude, you’re like tech support without the cost. I love it. You’re amazing. You need to come visit me……I’m only 5 hours away.

My roommate, Veronica- …..Is awesome. Not just because it’s her turn to pay for pizza next time. She lets me sit on her bed and knit, and watch TV on her bed and drink her hot chocolate. And lots of other stuffs.

Also my family is amazing. I <3 them lots.

In other news….My cousin Roger is coming back from Iraq on December 20th. YAY!!!!! Maybe I’ll get down to Texas to see him, or he’ll be up in Indiana. I haven’t seen him in like 6 years, at his high school graduation. I wish him the best of luck in going back to school and raising his baby.

Friday, November 28, 2008

NEW HAIR! haircut. I love it. The back of it is short and layered. And I love it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


"I sit at the kids table. I like this better"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ahhh I'm a slacker.

I'm such a slacker. I am sorry I haven't been blogging so much recently....Blame recovery buddies.

There isn't much new here. I think I might have broken a bone in my foot.....cause it hurts to walk...

Uhm other than that there really isn't anything new.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Post Secret Sundays

"Now that I am nearly finished with grad school, All I want to be is a mail carrier in Germantown, Maryland"

Monday, November 10, 2008


Today was 26 degrees out this morning, and the sprinklers were on........Someone wanna explain that to me?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Give me the eyes to see the glorious...

1. I voted Obama.
2. I <3 basketball shorts.
3. My iPod is named Frank part 3.
4. The last movie I watched was 27 dresses.
5. My religious views are, that I love Jesus.
6. I am a psychology major.
7. I knit.
8. I don't crochet.
9. I am a youtube superstar.
10. I have an unhealthy addiction to postsecret.
11. I really love when I get quarters back from laundry.
12. My bedding is pink and grey.
13. My favorite acrylic yarn is a tie between Bernat Chunky and Caron Simply Soft.
14. Yes, I was knitting the during the entire Building 429 concert.
15. And yes The lead singer saw me.
16. The person text the most is Kayla.
17. On the weekends, I live off of easy mac and ramon.
18. I want a t-shirt that says " I am a youtube superstar"
19. My hair is perfectly straight, Oh and it doesn't frizz out.
20. I love my roommate.
22. I have a not so secret obsession with boy bands.
23. I miss making pasta with Dani.
24. I am really skilled at making fire.
25. I love music.
26. My favorite game is Apples to Apples.
27. If I were to lose my keys, I'm pretty sure that I'd lose my sanity.
28. I can fit a small child into my purse.
29. I love little kids.
30. Willis is my own personal tech support.
31. Recovery Buddies is my life.
32. I have a crazy amount of scarves.
33. I think that hope is worth more than any dollar amount.
34. I like cookies.
35. I hope I can wear my Chacos all winter long.
36. I love traveling.
37. I like free stuff.
38. I am a mac user.
39. I have my own secret stash of toilet paper.
40. It is my roommates turn to order pizza next time.
41. I love reading.
42. I prefer cats over dogs any day.
43. I think my kitty is perfect.
44. I think that football is boys chasing each others balls around a field.
45. My favorite movie of all time is Stand By Me.
46. I am hungry right now.
47. Dani says my belly button is a mile deep.
48. I can't dance.
49. My favorite place to watch TV is my roommates bed.
50. My yarn frequently sheds on my roommates bed.
51. I think it'd be cool to be in a straight jacket.
52. One day I want to skydive.
53. I like my scarves really long.
54. I love swings.
55. Accoustic worship sets are my love.
56. My close guy friends are my sanity.
57. I want hot chocolate.
58. I think smoking is gross.
59. I am a virgin.
60. I don't drink.
61. I love pedicures.
62. I crack my knuckles.
63. I base recovery buddies on my friends.
64. I am missing 4 brushes right now.
65. I love the color brown...and purple...But not together.
66. I think school books are way too expensive.
67. My favorite time of the year is Fall.
68. There is something to being cold on Christmas day.
69. My roommate eats cheerios.
70. I have a clocky.
71. I want to go bungee jumping.
72. I like colorful sharpies.
73. I'd rather be cold with blankets piled on than warm.
74. I have never died my hair.
75. I need more easy mac and Ramon.
76. I rolled my ankle while walking last week.
77. I fell off my bike while not actually riding it this week.
78. I think 77 is a fun number.
79. My room number is 444, and I think it's fun.
80. I want to see wicked.
81. I saw rent for my 18th birthday.
82. My digital camera is broked.
83. My towels are brown.
84. I have been in the wabash river.
85. I have seen more of the youth group boys than I would prefer.
86. I have no idea where my high school diploma is.
87. I don't have a passport.
89. When I order things online I obcessivly track the shipping.
90. Yarn festivals are my weakness.
91. I like mac and cheese:).
92. My favorite city is Chicago.
93. My nalgene water bottle is my best friend.
94. I am 8 times more gangster than the most gangster gangster.
95. I hate the color yellow.
96. "Whore" and " two cent gutter slut" are terms of endearment among my friends.
97. I don't like peanut butter.
98. I like black olives.
99. Cheese dip is my friend.
100. Dani and I make good pasta.
101. I wear hats all the time.
102. I have a collection of knitting books.
103. If I had a dime for everytime I have been asked " Can you teach me to crochet?" I'd be rich.
104. I have never done illegal drugs.
105. I think I'm awesome.
106. I wear boys shorts.
107. I sleep in my jeans.
108. I have two little siblings.
109. I have just recently figured out how to get movies onto my iPod.
110. My addiction is the TV show "A Haunting"
111. My roommates stepdad is a banker.
112. I wanna steal my roommates army hat.
113. My name is on everything.
114. I like crackers.
115. I like sketchers shoes.
116. I like candles.
117. I am sleepy.
118. I like colors.
119. I don't wear yellow.
120. I have fuzzy slippers

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Boobies and Voting

Uhm... so. Why do boys like boobs? I mean they are just bags of fat hanging from my chest. I really don't know why boys like boobs.

So vote today cause...well its' important. I voted....a few days ago. I wanna comment on a facebook status I saw today. "Amy is VOTING LIFE! "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves" proverbs 31:8" Imma guess that means she is voting McCain? I don't see how the legal status of abortion will be settled in the next four years, and as far as I'm concerned it shouldn't be changed. I think that there are more important things to base my vote on than abortion, like the economy, or the war in iraq.


PostSecret Sundays

" I want to be the girl you pull into the photobooth and be a complete goofball with"