Thursday, January 31, 2008

25 Degrees Out

So it's 25 degrees out here. Perfectly lovely if you ask me. Really, perfectly wonderful. I'm debating not wearing a coat. A lot of kids aren't wearnig coats cause it's so warm outside.

<3 Allie

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


[22:13] Stubborn Ninja: My goatee makes people think I'm older than I am.
[22:13] Stubborn Ninja: ^_^
[22:13] squishysrock4695: yeah
[22:13] squishysrock4695: its creepy how you comb it
[22:14] Stubborn Ninja: Brush.
[22:14] Stubborn Ninja: I brush it.
[22:14] Stubborn Ninja: :p
[22:14] squishysrock4695: its creepy either way
[22:14] Stubborn Ninja: I don't like it getting scraggly.
[22:14] Stubborn Ninja: I'm working on an evil genius look.
[22:14] squishysrock4695: doesn't change it's creepy factor

Ahahaha. I make myself giggle.

YAY night class...not really.

So I fertotally am in my night class right now. This week is homecoming week for basketball, so we're doing spirit days. Today was Wacky Wendnesday. It was four degrees out today. There were girls in mini skirts and short shorts, really short shorts. I must go but I'll elaborate on that when I get home in an hour.

Love you,


Dood. I haven't blogged in three days. Dood.

Damn, I need a prom date.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

New chances

So I might have an opportunity of a lifetime this summer. I don't wanna say what it is yet, in case it flops. Just cross your fingers it works :). Pray that it works. I really want it too!!!


If you know what this chance is don't comment about it...DANI! grr.

Friday, January 25, 2008

With Utmost Daring

So a guy I know,JE, is studying abroad in Isreal this semester and is keeping a blog about his experances there. He's pretty cool, for one of those crazy IWU kids anyway. Anyway his blog is located here in case you're interested.

And Willis iWin. If anyone says anythign differant then, well they suck. Yep fertotallty.

Also there is a fundraiser for prom this year. I am selling magizine subcriptions, you can also renew them through this company. Let me know if you might be interested. It costs the same amount of money if you do it through this company, readers digest, or with the publisher. Only 40% of it goes to the Marion High School Prom Committee, which is a better cause than the publisher. It might result in a less expensive prom ticket for allie, or even a free one. You can do either online, which saves me a whole lot of work. Or in person. Might get me a free prom ticket, if you buy them...pretty please? With sugar on top and a cherry? Fine be that way.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who has changed your life?

I have a challenge for you. I have recently done this. Think of one person who has really impacted your life that you know personally. Let them know how they have impacted your life. Preferably some positive. My person, he saved my life, through several actions, but one big thing saved my life, and probably didn't realize it at the time. Maybe one day I'll tell the story on here.


Things Allie has hot steamy love affairs with.

Things I have a love affairs with( Pictures coming soon for some of them. If they don't make much sense it's cause you need a picture):

My cell phone
My dopi

More to come later.


Thank you for everything....You rock. It's good to know you got my back. I love you.

-<3 Allie

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

stupid poeple

People are stupid. Here is a video of a guy who is logically and scientifically proving God exists or so he claims. He makes good points. It's just God cannot be proven, He need not be proven. I think this is because He doesn't need to prove himself. He is God. He is all powerful. A key component in Christianity is faith. Taking a leap of faith to believe in God, thats what you do.

Argh.....I'm going now.

ahahah I love funnies

A while back in my science class this one boy was mouthing off to the teacher. this kids' response to the teacher after he was called out was this " I'm 16. I'm grown. I can say what I want." I had nice long giggle about that.

Today in science he was being generally annoying and kicking my already dirty purse around on the floor. I asked him to knock it off. He then said something to the effect of "My girlfriend will beat you up." This kid is real scrawny and an inch or two shorter than I am. Now imagine how short his girlfriend must be?

ahahaha. I had a grand old time laughing about it.


Desktop Publishing WEEEE! PT 2

There isn't much that I wanna say here just wanna update my faithful readers, or lack there of about a few things. For the next five weeks monday -thursday 3:45-6:45. I will have a night class. Algebra II. I know sounds like a party. However, the always fabulous Mr. Huntington is teaching it. And he's cool so it's all good. I'll be taking both sessions so ten weeks out of my life, for a core 40 diploma. The link its a little bit about the differances in diplomas for those of you that are not recent graduates or aren't sure of the differances. Hmmmm. Deciding if there is anything else I need to say....hmmm

Willis is a looozerface. Yep I went there. and they rest of you I love you. Cept for Dani and Willis, I don't love you. :P.

And just something I wanna say about the late Heath Ledger. Whatever happened, it looks like Ledger was abusing sleeping pills was it? He was abusing those drugs for a reason. He had pain. Pain is real even in the lives of the rich and famous. His pain is as real as your pain or my pain. It's easy to look at the famous and think that they have it easy. But do they really have it easy? I mean privacy doens't exist in their world. Their business also happens to be the worlds business. I wouldn't want that, ever. I would never want to be all famous like. I think it'd be hell.

<3 Allie

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I as a follower of Christ, can't say that I am totally against abortion. Who makes the laws. Old, fat, men for the most part. I don't want an old, fat man telling me what I can do with my body. Not that I have plans to get an abortion anytime soon. I can't say that they should be illegal in every circumstance. I think that there are definite cases when the mother is endanger, or in cases of rape, when it's ok. I think that there are much better alternatives than abortion, like adoption, but I can't say I am 100% against them. On the same note, anyone who bases this election on issues like abortion or gay marriage is stupid. Those issues are not going to change any time soon. Base your vote on the important issues, like the economy or health care.



click here... Very Picture intensive, but so funny.


Damn Myspace Passwords

I just had to change my myspace password. And for none of you that have ever had the's an ordeal. First I mispelled my current password. Then the two "new" passwords didn't match. Then i didn't get the letter box thingy right. Then I didn't have a number in my "new" password"

Blegh. This is a waste of a post.

Desktop publishing fun

More Desktop Publishing. Again I'm ahead on my notes. :P. This could become a regular thing haha. So I totally love Vitamin Water. It's totally amazing. Vitamins+Water=all you need. My current favorite is called "Essential." It's the orange flavor, for those of you who aren't Vitamin Water junkies.

Health is getting suuuper boring. But whatever I need it to graduate so, I think I'll suck it up.

Mass Media is fun. Now brace yourselves, I'm a out to talk about something I miss from Tucker. I miss Final Cut. The software(and hardware) we have to work with for the mass media class sucks. There are two computers that we can use to edit video. They are both windows. Blech. One is probably five years old and uses Windows Movie Maker, which is fine and dandy. It just freezes up a lot and doesn't work a lot of the time. The other, I'm not sure how to describe it. It is hooked up to hardware that imports video from video tapes, and from the other computer. It's got an ok editor on it, it just freezes up all the time. I also miss the chairs a lot. The chairs are mighty comfortable.

Next I go to….Sociology. Right now it's a bit boring, but I'm sure it'll get more fun as we get away from the dead sociologists and what they thought about society. I dig it.

Then I go to English. I am still in AP English. It's super easy though.

Then it's now, Desktop Publishing. It's tight.

Then I go to Integrated Chemistry Physics. My class is bad. Real bad. Loud and annoying.

Last is Geometry, It's ok I guess. My class is ok. I get everything so far.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Americas Next Freak-FM Static

Americas Next Freak
FM Static

This songs for the emo kids with the punk-rock, rockabilly screamo lids
And the crunk-rock, hip-hop and metal queens
Who still don’t know what the heck that means
Lets cheer for the real MCs
All the east west 30 sound straight OGs
With the hippy rock hardcore alt countries
With the techno industrial magazine

I don’t know where I fit in
But every time that records spins
I know the way it makes me feel
And I never tried to be your trend
Never asked to be everyone’s friend
I’m just who I am and that’s life for real
And every time you try to just remember...

That I won’t be Americas Next Freak
I will not lay down every time you speak
And if all you see if you see Americas Next Freak
Take me home, take me home, take me home---

This ones for the Phyllis Deans
And the beach boys rocking in the Philippines
With the twist top x-box strategies
All speaking French, Spanish, and Portuguese
And one time for the half to bites
With the super low low carb atckins diets
And the man with the plan in the corduroy
Who just brought back the backstreet boys

I don’t know where I fit in

But every time that records spins
I know the way it makes me feel
And I never tried to be your trend
Never asked to be everyone’s friend
I’m just who I am and that’s life for real
And every time you try to just remember

That I won’t be Americas Next Freak
I will not lay down every time you speak
And if all you see if you see Americas Next Freak
Take me home, take me home, take me home

I don’t know see anything around me
I wont be, I wont be
I don’t know see anything around me
I wont be, I wont be
If you don’t see, then me make blind
Cause I wont see, I wont see
It makes me sick, it makes me smile
Cause I wont be, I wont be

I won’t be Americas Next Freak
I will not lay down every time you speak
And if all you see if you see America's Next Freak
Take me home, take me home, just take me home

That I won’t be Americas Next Freak
I will not lay down every time you speak
And if all you see if you see Americas Next Freak
Take me home, take me home, just take me home

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Willis Marie Jordan

Do me a favor you here. Or you can also click here.

That is my friend Willis' blog, and photography website respectively. It's pretty. There are some fun snow pictures for those of my readers that have never seen a real winter with ice and snow and the whole nine yards( cough....Colleen....cough).

Yep Yep.


PS: I completed my texting goal. I sent about 4600, little more. Next month it's 5000. Yep.
PPS: Willis, catch me on IM tonight or something. I have a question.
PPPS: I love you.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Delaney Diaries

So I was reading my stepmoms blog today. I found a funny sentence I just want to share with all of you.
"The nice consultant put together a revised plan of attack and I brought it and my brand-new super huge breast pump shields (to cover my gargantuan, planet-sized nipples - deemed "very large" by the consultant!) home."-Colleen
And yes Colleen reads this blog. If you want to read her blog the link is here.

And Willis, send me an e-mail tomorrow with the links to your blogs and such, or tonight. And bug me till I add them to my link list.

And something in my health class. The first section we're doing is on human sexuality. All it preaches is abstinence, which is fine and dandy, but something in this community is failing when it comes to sexual responsibility. The health book defines being sexually responsible as
(drum roll please...) ABSTINENCE. While I think that being sexually responsible is taking the necessary precautions to avoid unwanted pregnancies or STD's. Maybe I'm just crazy though?
Am I crazy?


Desktop Publishing WEEEE!

I am currently sitting in desktop publishing. I am ahead on my notes so I figured I'd blog while she's lecturing from the power points. Tee Hee.
So since the beginning of the semester, when I started at the high school all day. The difference in my attitude is crazy. I'm happier, a lot happier. At tucker I just felt like my work wasn't appreciated, where BJ got credit for what he did, I got none. I kind of lost my voice at tucker, I couldn't speak up for what I wanted.

One of my biggest worries about coming back to the high school was having like 12 books. I have two books, two. That is a third of what I had while I was at tucker in the mornings. I wanted to use a messenger bag this semester, but I don't think I will be able to much longer. While my bag is not heavy per se, it's heavy enough to create pain in my shoulder.

I think I need to go now. I should really start paying attention :P.

I love you all.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hey you, I love your soul.

Hey you, I miss you.
Hey you, I love you.
Hey you, I hope he forgives you one day.
Hey you, I hope you can forgive.
Hey you, I hope I can forgive.
Hey you, I envy your faith.
Hey you, I wish you and I were super tight.
Hey you, you're my person.
Hey you, you have amazing taste in music.
Hey you, you get me.
Hey you, you suck.
Hey you, I need you.
Hey you, you are adorkable.
Hey you, I love your hugs.
Hey you, you are a blessing :)

These are not necessarily meant for anyone in particular. There are some that I have poeple in mind for, but if you think you fit one, you probably do.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

High Ropes

I wanna free fall you guys. For those of you that have never done a high ropes challenge, then you should. I just wanna free fall, then the rope catches you, it feels so safe. You know someones got your back. When I grow up I am going to have a high ropes course in my backyard. Yep.

I had more to post but it'll wait til later. :P


Sunday, January 13, 2008


Screw you. You try and pin all this on me, you are just ignorant. Check your effing facts. You wanted to punch really should have. Cause I would have hit you right back. When the three of you came in and told me off for air horning the library, I didn't even know. I learned that happened tonight, the night of January 13th. Drop it asshats.

And Sam, I'm sorry if anything happened to you. I didn't know and it wasn't in my plan.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Will you be there?

Will You Be There?

As I fall to sleep
Will you comfort me
When my heart is weak
Will you rescue me

Will you be there
As I grow cold
Will you be there when I'm falling down
Will you be there

When I'm in retreat
Can I run to you
Will my pain release
At your mercy seat

Will you be there
As I grow cold
Will you be there when I'm falling down
Will you be there
My heart grows cold
Will you be there when I'm falling down
Are you saying yes
I gotta believe it
Are you saying yeah
When your love comes down I can rest my eyes
Feel your grace and power flood into my life
As my brokenness and your strength collide
When your love comes down
Falling Down

As I fall to sleep


As I grow cold

Will you be there
My heart grows cold
Will you be there when I'm falling down

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I'm in full on rant mode. So excuse me for a second.

You are a dick. You have made the last semester of my life hell. Congratulations. The reason I'm leaving isn't cause I have classes to make up. It's because you have pushed me away, not like I ever enjoyed your company anyway. If you ever come across this post, don't bother commenting, I don't want to hear what you have to say anyway. You should seriously reconsider how you treat those around you, all you do is push them away. I hope you have a wonderful life.


I feel better now.

I'm 84% burned out.

You Are 84% Burned Out

You are extremely burned out.
You work too hard, and you're not getting the results you deserve.
It's time for a life change, as soon as you can manage it.
You're giving away most of your energy to something you don't even enjoy.
Are You Burned Out?

And I haven't even gone back to school yet....I'm screwed.

Also does anyone know where I misplaced my massaging midget to massage me while I work?
If you've seen him tell him I want him back.


Friday, January 04, 2008

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

1. I can't sleep if my back isn't against a wall or flat against the bed.
2. I'm a total girl on the inside, as opposed to being one of the guys.
3. There are a lot of poeple I really don't like, but a lot more I really love.
4. I really hate shitty grammar.
5. Some of my best friends are the ones' with which I am the most complicated.
6. Contrary to popular belief, I am not on my cell phone 24/7.
7. Sometimes I even want hugs, but side hugs suck.
8. I need a prom date.
9. I am lucky to have a pinky nail.
10. If you think you get me, you probably don't. If you care about me, then you don't know all the facts. If you love me, you don't care about the details.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The ABC's of 2007

The ABC's of 2007

A. Aunts, AP Goverment, Annie
B. Bethany, Betsy, BJ, Boy bands,
C. Cheese Dip, Church camp,
D. Dani, Debbie
H. Hairspray, Handmade hats,
J. Jones Soda
K. Katie
L. Love, Lightrider, Little Dude,
M. Mississippi
P. Pensacola
R. Rent
S. Sweaters, Shed
T. Text messages,
W. Willis

I'll Finish this later....<3>

Merry New Years

Of all the slackers I call my friends....ONE 1 called me to wish me a happy new year. One....That would be Adrian. I love him. hahaha.


Love, Allie