Sunday, July 29, 2007


I leave for Wisconsin tomorrow morning. We're doing a VBS with Josh Hilty's church, as well as some work projects. I am so glad to be leaving again. I just feel like I'm wasting my life here in Marion when I am around here for than a few days. It should be good. It's a good group going.

I am not taking my cell phone with on this trip for a few reasons. Anyone of you that has tried to talk to me for a while can't hear me unless I yell into it. Mom is going to upgrade our phones while I am gone. So when I come back I will have this phone. I hope. I've also seen the schedule, not a lot of time to talk on my phone.

I think thats it. I need to pack a few final things, run some stuff in the dryer. So I should get going. But I love you all. And please pray for the group, that we arrive safely and that there are no injuries, and that the kids we work with are open to the gospel. And pray we all get closer and that we don't kill each other.

If you really love me you'll send me letters to my house and e-mails for me to come home too. I guess voice mails would make me happy too.

Love you all,


Random updates and thoughts

ME! I was a might bit hungry I think.

We have a new addition to our family, Henrietta. James named it. Henrietta is a betta fish. She lives in our downstairs bathroom, almost as a decoration.

The above pictures are of a shirt I own. If you can't read what the above picture says here it is.

"...Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may all see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.

Matthew 5:12"

I bought this shirt at Acquire the Fire this past April. Acquire the Fire is a youth conference. The one I attended in April had 20,000+ people there.

Does anyone see the problem with the shirt?

Matthew 5:12 reads this "Be glad and rejoice for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you. "

The verse written on the shirt is Matthew 5:16.

This was my Mommy's car after she was broadsided on the 22nd of June. It's still in the shop

My favorite bible, well second favorite. It's a TNIV and the message//remix parallel version. I love it. I jus recently refound it. Now I'm only mising one bible.

Me and James. This is the same James that named the fishy. He's pretty amazing.

Dani and James. This is a hot photo of both of you.

My toes after a pedicure. This was taken 2 weeks after i got the pedicure after mission trip and camp. I took off the pedicure at the one month mark.

Yep this is it for now. Tootles

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Find Yourself!

1. You bleed the love of Christ. I love you.
2. You are amazing. You tell me what I need to hear...even when it's hard for me to hear.
3. You have called me a leader for two years now. I am finally starting to see it.
4. You are an amazing individual, without you in my life, it would be very incomplete without you in my life.
5. You make me smile. I envy you, more than you could ever know.
6. You have taught me what and how I never want to be.
7. You don't deserve all crap you deal with. You deserve so much better. I love you.
8. I miss you more than I care to admit. I hate this separation, and there is nothing I can do about it. I wish we could have a real conversation. I love you for all you have done for me. You have gone above and beyond the call of friendship, more than once. I hope I can do the same for you one day.
9. You deal with so much at home, how you do it I am completely unsure. I would trust you with my life....if I had to. I do miss our long involved conversations though.
10. You have impressed me, a lot. I hope I get to know you better.
11. You so don't give yourself enough credit. You accomplished so much in the past year.
12. You is amazing. Nuff' said
13. I know I was only around you for a week, but you made a huge impact on me.
14. I miss having you around youth group. You're fun.
15. I can depend on you for anything. I like that.
16. Jesus loves you, And I'm trying.
17. You're so cute. I love you.
18. You don't scare me.

I am going on another mission trip this next week to Baraboo, Wisconsin. We're doing a VBS( Vacation Bible School) and some service projects at a church. I am stoked. I can't wait to play with kids. I am super stoked....Wait I already said that didn't I?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Cascading Wall of Crap

If you have a sensitive stomach or have eaten recently I'd avoid this blog.

In our one of two good toilets, someone left a crap in the and didn't flush. So all the girls went in one after another and tried to flush it. That night the girls on bathroom duty were plunging the toilet and a few minutes later we hear Mike and Jason are shouting upstairs, "theres poop on my bathroom walls." So there there was a cascading waterfall of poop going down the councilor bathroom wall for twenty four hours.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Camp Story Time

We all love camp stories right? Well you get one or two depending on how much I feel like typing.

Tuesday morning for breakfast all the girls and all except for two guys,Dillon and Chad, are down waiting for breakfast. Mike, along with the rest of us are starving and these two guys are taking forever to get down to breakfast. He goes upstairs to get them. Dillon is in a state of shirt-less-ness, he comes down carrying his shirt. Chad has just stepped out of the shower. He comes down in a towel, and everyone is telling us that he's nude under the towel. So Corey being selfless offers to shield him as he gets his pants on. It was comical.

Another story...this one is a serous story.

Prayer and share is nightly devotionals at camp every night. I have always enjoyed prayer and share. We adopted a routine of sorts regarding the order of prayer and share. First Devin and Dillon would play some worship songs. They did an amazing job every night, so kudos to them. On the last night they played a song they wrote about camp and the "camp high" anyone who has ever been to church camp gets. For those that don't know the "camp high" is a brief time after camp where you are totally on fire for Jesus, then you fizzle. Then after they played we'd jump into whatever we were doing that night.

Anyway back to the topic. The first night we said one or two thing we were struggling with at the moment. We went around the circle and we talked about our problems. Some mentioned family problems , some mentioned problems with friends, and some didn't say anything at all. A lot of us cried. A lot of walls were broken down.

One person mentioned something I had been thinking about that day. He mentioned how because of the way he was living his life one of his friends was surprised he went to church, and church camp. The previous week one of my friends said to me"wow you're really into this[God, Christianity,Jesus] aren't you?." He knew I went to church and believed in God and all that, but because of the walls I put up he couldn't tell just how into Christ I am. If he knows me pretty well and couldn't tell how into Christ I am. Then how can someone who doesn't me well at all tell.

Anyway let me know if that makes any sense at all, or if something is unclear.

I love you all,

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Camp was amazing. I had a blast. I'm just going to post one or two stories about camp right now. I'll post more later I promise. Anyway on with the story.

Friday night we did a prayer walk through the woods. Along the walk there were four different stations. One station was a girl who had a one night stand, one was a alcoholic, one was an eating disorder , and one was a cutter. As a lot of you know Self-injury is one of my causes. I have many friends who are cutter or have been. This guy who was doing this drama, Frank, he was standing up screaming in anguish and pretending to cut himself. This pissed me off. It pissed me off because that is so wrong. No cutter I know, including myself, is a) standing while self-injury or b) loud about it. It's done in secret, if your loud about it, it's not a secret anymore now is it. As I saw it I almost laughed at how wrong it was. In my head I was figuring out how it would be "right" to do it and that triggered me. My peer small group leader, J. E., asked me what was wrong and I was honest with him. Two things he said to me really stuck out. I was talking about wanting to feel numb and he said at least a couple of times that God made us to feel, not to not feel anything. The other thing was I'm stronger than I think I am. He repeated that over and over. I've said that exact phrase a million times to my friends. It's a different perspective when it's said to you though. I'm sure I'll touch on this at a later date as well.

PSG's or Peer Small Groups in the past have been an enormous waste of my life. I saw the curriculum before I went to camp and knew that it sucked. I was not expecting to have a good time in PSG's this year. I had a blast. Our leader J.E., burned the curriculum, figuratively that is. We had discussions, played mafia, painted the rails of Freeman house. I got so much more out of PSG's than I ever have.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I was talking to a friend today and she referred to me as " religous." I so hate the term religous. So many things are religous. There are religous books and religous music and religous everything. A lot of those religous books and music and other media are absolute crap. I don't want to be absolute crap. I want to be so much more than religous. I think that when Christ sees what has become of religion he cries. I almost don't want to be referred to as a Christian sometimes. So many horrific things have been done in the name of Christianity, in the name of Christ. I want to be a Christ-follower, I want those that don't know Christ to see Christ in me.

[/end rant]

I leave for camp this Sunday til Saturday( the 8th- the 14th). . WOOO Epworth Forest. I like getting mail at camp. I really do.

So here is the mailing adderess
my last name, my first name- E503
P.O. Box 16
North Webster IN 46555

Here is the snail mail addy

send to:

my last name, my first name- E503

If you don't know my name you should probably not be sending me mail at camp. I will have my cell phone with me at camp, though don't trust it to get a hold of me. Leave me voice mail though if it's important. I'll be checking the voice mail every couple days or so.

If you are reading this I love you. and am praying for you.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mission Trip

For those of you that don't know i spent the past week on mission trip doing Katrina relief in Pass Christian, Mississippi--near Golf port. We were working with a place called Gods Katrina Kitchen.
Great place.... We did a lot of hard labor, though myself I had 4 easier days of work. The first day I did a VBS. There weren't many kids so I spent a lot of the day playing cards under the tent and coloring. The second day I painted a womans mobile home. The third day I went to a man named John. I help him clean up debris that set in his yard for two years. After lunch Dawns group got ice cream. It was fun. On the fourth day in the afternoon I swept out this house. Another picture.
I'll get back to you on what I did in the morning on that day.

I walked in on the trip with my iPod and my cell phone and all my clothes and blankets and pillows. Oh and on this bus. (Click here for more pictures). My biggest fear was that we would be the biggest snobs on the campus. I knew that I would meet people at the kitchen that didn't have a place to sleep and pillows and blankets, let alone an iPod or a cell phone. I realized just how blessed I am to have those things.

What really hit me was the complete devastation. It's been two years since Katrina. And there is still debris sitting waiting to be taken away. What also hit me was the utter kindness of the people who were both devastated by the storm, the ones who are still living in FEMA trailers, and those who were like me, volunteers, down there to serve. We helped a woman named Barbara, the one with the house pictured. On the last day we swept out her house and as we were leaving we prayed...and she led the prayer.

I'll post more about it later.
I love you all