Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tanning topless and things

Today was Jack's graduation open house...Bethany joined me for the party that it was. There was some e-mazing cheesecake bite things....

Anyway time for pictures...we'll have a good mix...some prom, some of beffany, some of me.

Dani, Me, and Bethany Pre-prom

Bethanys a Sexy Beast.

I"m the sexyest beast.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Today at tucker we had a free day. It is amazing. I <3>

October 31, 2006, teenagers and children alike are trick-or-treating in neighborhoods and at churches. Ryan was fifteen years old on this day. He was not trick-or-treating. He was sitting in his room with a twelve-gauge shotgun, deciding if it was worth it to go on. That night Ryan shot himself. No one knew, but the family, about Ryan’s suicide until the next day.

I knew him from youth group. We weren’t close, but we were friends. I knew his sister a lot better than I knew him. I also knew his parents, Angela and Dan. Ryan was a prankster at heart, while sometimes his pranks went a little too far. His pranks were always funny at some point, whether that be before, during, or after.

The youth group was hit hard by his passing. We all struggled to find a reason, some indication this would come. The youth group rallied around the family, while the family rallied around the youth group. The youth group showed up, together, to the viewing in a church van. My friend, Bethany, and myself took a prayer shawl from my home church to the family. The week of his death and viewing was possibly the hardest week I have ever had to deal with. I learned just how precious life is. I learned what it meant to be a friend that week. I learned the value of a hug that week.

Hmmm....There isn't alot else going right now. Finals for me start on tuesday. It's exciting...not really. I made a youth logo with my not-so-mad photoshop skills. I'll post it today I guess. It's at the top left hand corner. If anyone has any input, feel free. I don't know how happy I am with it. I like it enough I think.

I only have two final I think. Well, two real finals. The rest are just chapter tests. I have a geometry final and a envirmental science final. Mr. Munn isn't giving a final for AP US history. and We already took Mrs. Micheals final. Geometry is gonna be the worse. It'll be ok though....I think. Tonight I need to make his powerpoint. It'll be exciting.... in the stab my heart out kind of way.
Love you all.....