Monday, January 15, 2007

OK i'll just start by topics i guess

The lock-in.

The lock-in was fun. My poeple kept me entertained. We played mao and euchre. and other normal lock-in stuff. I left the lck-in at 6AM to go to school for BPA.

BPA was fun. I got 7th out of 6 for fundamentals of XHTML. It's ok. It makes me laugh, to tell the truth. I was the only girl hat showed up. There were two more scheduled, but didn't show. If they had come then they would have gone to state. I was the only one in the group that didn't qualify to go state. But odds are I will end up going to state anyway with the website design team. I learned that 3 out of of the 4 guys that went do drugs as well as as drink. I also learned that all four are fun, as very gifted in there specialty. And all of them said " this girls going to state" afterwards, and fought over who I would room with. cause I'd be the only girl and all

hmm and besides that I slept for 20-odd hours between last night and yesterday.


Friday, January 05, 2007


It's been a while since I updated.

I'm at tucker right now. My Christmas was good for the most part. I got lots of stuff, saw several friends, and family. I am soo thankful that the holidays are over. Some of you might have an idea how thankful. Dad got me lots of yarn, and some jewelery, two pairs of earrings. I got a bunch of cds from my grandma, lots of Plumb. yeah I think thats about it for the christmas update.

Yesterday in english I woke up to Mrs. Micheal complainging how we always sleep in her class and how we are disrepectful, then went back to sleep. But thats now what I was going to say. This time next year I will have decided on a college and applied. Thats sooo mind-boggling to me. I have no idea what college I want to attend, I do however know what I want to do. I want to do graphic design, web design, its all the same degree. I don't know.